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Hi, i'm feifei.

Welcome to my personal online portfolio, a reflection of my diverse journey as a studio artist, visual designer, educator, and HCI researcher. Here, you'll discover a compelling array of creations that include meticulously crafted graphic designs, evocative drawings and paintings, sophisticated editorial designs, intuitive UI/UX solutions, and groundbreaking design research.

As a passionate creator and advocate for diversity, my mission is to forge unique and delightful experiences that foster cross-cultural connections and inclusivity through an interdisciplinary lens. I continually push the boundaries between art, design, and information technology, nurturing the birth of innovative concepts that celebrate our rich tapestry of perspectives and backgrounds.

Each design is thoughtfully crafted with acute attention to detail, engaging typography, and a commitment to effective communication, ensuring that my work resonates with a broad and diverse audience. As a proud graduate of the esteemed School of Design at the University of Cincinnati, I strive for my design and research work to embody the excellence and rigor that has come to define this prestigious institution. I warmly invite you to join me on this creative journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of creativity, expression, and unity through the power of design.

My Toy Duckling, drew with crayons at 6 years old
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