Here is a brief showcase of diverse types of my fine arts work, including: oil painting, landscape drawing, portrait sketch, and sculpture, utilizing multimedia - oil colors, acrylic, pens, crayons, color pencils, and others. 

Please click the images for details of each work/project.

Still Life Drawing
Landscape Drawing
Landscape Drawing
Beijing Hutong Series No. 1
Beijing Hutong Series No. 2
Beijing Hutong Series No. 3
Beijing Hutong Series No. 4
Beijing Hutong Series No. 5
Beijing Hutong Series No. 6
Animal Portrait "Gizmo"
A Broken Dream
Quick Sketch Series No. 1
Quick Sketch Series No. 2
UC Campus on Moleskine pages
UC Campus on Moleskine pages
UC Campus on Moleskine pages
Experimental Drawing

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Animal Portrait "Gizmo"

crayons, 2015 Gizmo was a beloved cat of my colleague, unfortunately Gizmo was gone a few years ago, so she kept Gizmo's picture on her desk. I drew a portrait of Gizmo without telling her, and gave the work to her one day as a surprise - then I saw tears in her eyes. She told me the Gizmo I drew looked more lively than the photo. It moved her to tears. I hope every piece of my work have the power of healing, provoke people's feeling as well as communications, and that's my goal of life.